A Prayer Answered

Christmas Gift in 1999 for my Mom and Dad:

Words –

I gave them my words of love and gratitude on a page in which I wanted to do a beautiful calligraphy page, though my calligraphy was lacking desperately.  I also drew a picture of an angel.  Not quite sure why.  To my dismay, my mother proudly displayed this “piece of art” on the wall in her workspace until she could no longer work – years and years.  I didn’t understand why she so preciously regarded this Christmas Gift that I gave her until just recently when I was reading my journal from when I was making this writing piece for them.

Journal Entry – Nov. 30, 1999

Working on the Christmas Gift made me feel childish, creative, and adventurous.  I don’t want this gift to be something that I’ll like, but rather something that they will treasure and enjoy.  I want them to be touched emotionally.  I want them to understand the words and gratitude, and to never tire of seeing “The Gift” on their wall.  This is my hope, wish, goal, and prayer.

I never looked back on that entry, and I totally forgot that I even wrote it, but God had so thoroughly and went above and beyond to answer my prayer.  Not only had my mom displayed this – but it was even more publicly displayed than in her home, but on her workplace wall.  After retiring, she kept this writing up on her bedroom wall until the day she died.

I never asked her why she regarded that piece so much, but yes I had made it with love and gave it to her so I felt that was why she displayed it.  It was funny because it made me feel somewhat childish and I really didn’t like the drawing and writing up on her wall in her workspace.  So yes, God had said OK to that one too.  It was something that I did NOT like, but it was treasured and enjoyed.  And with all my being I know that they understood the words and gratitude.

Answered Prayers

The Gift

(On the Front)

A picture of an angel cherub holding a dove with these words surrounding it:

Your gift to me for all time will be – the love, patience, and faith you’ve shared with me.  You’ve nurtured, trained, and guided me to fly with strong wings.  Your words of love, your generous soul, and your kind spirit are a part of me.

For this, Thank You

(On the Back)



Dear Mom and Dad,

I felt kind of childish when I was making this little drawing.  Actually – I originally wanted to make a nice calligraphy picture for you to frame and put in your home.  Well it didn’t come out exactly as I planned, but I couldn’t just throw away this masterpiece. (ha!)  Truly the words came from my heart.

I thought that an added expression to show you both how I feel about you two – is by giving you this CD “Music of My Heart”.  Listen to the words.  They are truly words of love, with the added beauty of music.  “Music of My Heart” expresses how I feel.  Have a nice Christmas Eve.

Talk to you in the morning –

I love you both.


God is truly Amazing and I’m so thankful for the parents He blessed me with.

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