Create Your Peace

Rule Your Mind

To have my life in an unorganized state completely wrecks havoc with my mind.  I find that the more that my house gets unorganized, the more my mind responds to the mess.  Everything needs to be in its place.  Chaos and the inability to organize my schedule, house, and life in general may be a precipitating factor into a spiraling whirlwind of an inability to cope.  However, the other way of seeing things may actually be going on.  For instance, the inability to cope may be causing the chaos.  Whatever the cause, ultimately the response is the same – inability to keep my thoughts straight.  Generally, keeping the house organized is a must for me, at least for my peace of mind.

Watching my environment and keeping it clean, organized, and calm displays how my mind is dealing with life.  Understanding this aspect of my mental health is critical to my well-being.  A calm, happy, and safe environment brings about the same sense of peace for me.

Knowing this – today will be a beautiful day.

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