A Mindful Choice – Insightful Reframing

Mind is Everything

My last post was very distressing and for that I apologize!  Please understand that my mind was in a much different place.  I am deliberately deciding to change my thought pattern.  I am learning to reframe my mindset and think of myself as living in health, not living with illness and seeking a glimpse of recovery.  I am making a conscious behavioral change and deciding to live in joy and health.

Why is it that I’m always working through my illness?  Instead of that thought process, I’ve decided to live in HEALTH and maintain my illness.  I will live with my competent capabilities that I have proven that I have and seek other healthy adults.  I am not a constant undone person that needs to be recovering.  Thank you to those that have given me this insight!

Thank you to God for the beauty of a new beginning.  Thank you for the wonderful power of cognitive reframing.  Life truly is to live fully with as much joy that can be contained.


A Year After Insightful Reframing of the Mind

April 12, 2016

I recall writing this post after I had gotten out of a hospital stay.  Cognitive reframing was a technique that was used to help me see how I am a healthy person that needs to maintain my health and joy, and manage my illness.  I am NOT living in my illness.

I have learned a lot in the past year.  My level of joy with my writing and exploring who I am has given me a wonderful sense of peace.  I have learned to like to be by myself, and enjoy my own company.  I have learned to be thankful for the blessings in my life that are there on a daily basis.  My mind has shifted to a place of gratitude.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have my days that I don’t struggle, for instance with the recent changing of my meds.  But I am more patient with myself and I look for ways to lift up my spirit.  I search for the happiness in life.  I am capable.  I am moving on the right path.  I am so blessed by the love of God.

It is a dreary place to be to live in reaction to misery.  It is much better to turn that frame of mind around and say that I am so blessed.  I am happy.  I am proactive, and I can make the choices in my life.  God is my guide, but my feet are doing the walking, and my mind is filled with the peace of abounding joy.

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