Wanting an Escape out of this Pain

Suicide isnt cowardly

I have been pushed and degraded to the point that escape from life is the only route I can imagine.  Let me die.  Take me away from the cruelty.  Bashing me down until I have no other recourse but leaving this hell that just wont stop.  Why do you go on and just continue and continue?  I can’t take it anymore.  Don’t you see this?  Don’t you care?

Then I’m seen as the one with the instability, and then you desire to find other people who can help me and give you sympathy.  Wake up to what you’ve done.  Wake up!

You’re not stopping the hate.  You’re not stopping the cruel words.  The tearing down of my ability to cope is continuing.  I’m almost gone.  Don’t you see that?  Do you even care?

You’re suppose to love me.  Am I that much of a burden to you?  I need escape.

Help me…  The only way to stop this pain is OUT!  I need out of this.  Dear God, Help me!

Just a reminder:

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