Seeing Myself with Worth and Value

Your worth

Being devalued, ignored, and stepped on makes for a rough day!  How others can trample over one’s self-esteem and compassion is beyond me.  And it is totally unacceptable!

No one human being is above any other.  A light will not be glorified behind the head of the best contender as if in angel form.  Perfection, beauty, and kindness does not seem to be an award from God that is passed to the overbearing, bad intentioned deceivers, who push their way into the lives of the ordinary people who have the purposeful action of desire for unity and honesty.  The complete opposite range of intention is startling, and can be crushing to those within the walls of play.

Take a stand and decide that no one can belittle your value or existence.  It is those that wreak havoc that decide who is important in this world, and who should be standing on the sidelines.  Stand tall and be the person that God intended.  If we are of value in God’s eyes, how dare another human being weaken or bruise our spirit?  This type of degradation need not be part of our lives.

Time to move forward with the self-respect that each person deserves, and stay away from this type of activity.  Time to see ourselves with the worth and value we deserve, and move on!

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