Emotional Damage at Its Worst

The horrifying memory of an angry, extremely loud, terrifying man lifting up a three-year old child by his outer upper arms and putting this child nose to nose with him, then (no words) just screaming thunderingly at the top of his lungs because of his inability to deal with his frustration.  This child has the catastrophic jolted shock of fear on his precious little face.  Violent abuse causing emotional damage that will never be forgotten.

Dear God keep this memory erased from his mind…

Walk away

We made it.

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3 thoughts on “Emotional Damage at Its Worst

    • thejourneyofpeaceandhappiness says:

      I hope and pray that your daughter gets the help that she needs. It is a scary place to be in when abuse of any kind is a part of life. This was my experience alone. Please if others need assistance, I ask that people step up and help when able – or seek the help that is needed. Crisis lines, emergency personnel, friends, family – anyone who can be of assistance that will help. Compassion, understanding, empathy, strength, guidance are all steps toward healthy living. I lived with fear for many years, and would not wish this on anyone.


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