Having Compassion for Yourself


To have the ability to have complete compassion and empathy in which one loses themselves in the process can be a deep and disturbing experience.  To want to completely understand the depth of someone’s grief and entangle my mind around the loss while trying to keep my own life perspective, at that time, is a difficult (if not impossible) task.  To even journal so that I am in the mind of the other person is beyond what is necessary.

Sometimes I decide to push my own life aside for the better of another person.  Perhaps it’s the need that is displayed, or the desire to be a helper in times of despair.  Sometimes perhaps it can even be the guilt portrayed by another if I decide not to help.  Whatever the case, it typically causes mishap and chaos in my own life.

It is good and kind to be helpful.  It is wise.  I will, of course, continue within moderation.  But to cause myself my own despair is ridiculous and is a goal for me to stop.  Compassion is one thing, but to lose oneself is another.  Walking forward I will keep my head held high and fight for my own need above all else.  I am not useful to others if my own well being is deprived.

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