Treasure Each Moment

It’s wonmothers dayderful how small, but beautiful moments stick with me and I’m able to recall little (yet amazing) things that happened when my children were young.  I recall mother’s day when the kids were 8, 6, and 4.  I knew that I was raising caring, compassionate children, but their efforts this particular morning solidified my thoughts.  All three of the children had decided to get up early that morning and make “mama” breakfast.  It was truly the most beautiful and delightful breakfast I have ever had.  I remember their faces bringing in the tray.  They were so proud of themselves and looking for my reaction and approval.  It was a simple breakfast; Toast with Peanut Butter and OJ.  I think they may have had a flower and cards, as well.  But what I recall the most is the sister and brotherly love – walking in side by side, all holding the tray.  Looking at their beautiful faces filled with pride and love.  It is memories like these that bring such Joy to my heart.  To this day  even as their approaching their upper twenties and thirty, when I look at all of my children I know that with God’s love, I am the blessed one to have all of them.  And my love for them will continue throughout my life, and beyond.  The beauty of being a mother is the unconditional love, pride, and family.  I thank God for these wonderful memories.

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