The Privilege of Being a Parent

baby tonka

As a child, I so enjoyed Christmas.  Everything about Christmas thrilled me.  I loved the snow, the merriment, my parents excitement, the love, family, absolutely everything.

As I grew older, the thrill diminished.  The bliss and innocence of childhood was gone and the responsibility of parenthood set in.  That fact was that I was in a turbulent household and it made for a stressful time.  Every Christmas meant some kind of argument with my ex-husband.  Long gone were the times of just joy and fulfillment.

I do, however, have some beautiful memories with my children during this time of year.  One year in particular  I have a wonderful memory of our flimsy yet adorable Charlie Brown Christmas tree, in which the ornaments weighed down each branch and the star on top needed to be put down the branch slightly for fear of the tree toppling.  This tree, as I recall, was the focus of this season.  Not only was the tree darling and beautiful.  My children who tried to thoughtfully care for the tree were trying to be responsible and nurturing.

I recall waking up to the children playing, as I often did.  However something was different due to the fact that I could also hear water running.  All three children decided to care for the tree and water it on this snowy winter morning.  They were taking their Tonka trucks and filling them up with water from the bath tub, then wheeling them down the hall to the living room where the tree was located.

As I walked down the hall, the water pressed up through the spaces between my toes from the carpet below.  Not only was the carpet completely soaked, there was actually water dripping into the basement.  When I asked the kids what they were doing, they explained that the tree needed to be watered.

My initial reaction was not laughter!  Yet the memory of this time brings back such joy in my heart.  The innocence of childhood is a wonderful thing, and to have a memory such as this is a privilege of being a parent.

I’m so happy that the joy has returned.  I have a husband now that is a BIG child at Christmas time, including circling all the things he wants in the ads of the flyers that come into the house.  I have two granddaughters that fill me with joy. I have wonderful grown adult children and their loved ones who are responsible, caring, and compassionate.  And the love of family and friends around me are truly my joy.

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