My Daily Cocktail


This picture represents my morning cocktail mixture.  So this is half of my daily medications.  My night-time mixture is about the same amount of pills.  It seems crazy to me that I have to take so many meds, but they all have their purpose.  This mixture is tweaked now and then with changes in my symptoms.  I have come to realize that this daily routine is a necessity.

It took me a long time to accept the fact that I have a mental illness that requires this amount of commitment on a daily basis to keep under control.  Some days I still have a hard time to believe this, or I get tired of it.  That is when my husband gently reminds me that he would rather have me healthy than what the alternative would be.  Thank God I have supportive people in my life.

The routine gets easier with time, and I have even started to put an alarm on my phone so I take them around the same time each day.  I try to go to bed earlier so I get a good nights rest.  I see my counselor every week or two, and life goes on.  After twenty years of monitoring my illness, it is just a part of who I am.

God made the ability to have doctors and the medications.  I have the ability to be wise and take care of my body, mind, and the soul He gave me.

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