The Gift of a Memory

A beautiful project to take on!  Lovely.

I have recently started to incorporate birds into the decor of my kitchen.  I also see beautiful birdhouses out of my kitchen window.  I’s funny how some things can remind you of a loved one.

One of the last “projects” I remember doing with my Dad was setting up a wonderful birdfeeder that he had bought that actually had solar lights on the bottom to see the birds dancing on it at night.  He truly was a lover of birdwatching from the comfort of his three season porch.  When we were putting up this birdhouse, my dad was already filled with cancer from his lungs to his bones.  He was unable to walk due to pain, yet he remained forever persistent.  He was able to put a pole onto his deck with screws, and this beautiful birdhouse was sparkling in the sunshine.  It was definitely a difficult project, but so worth the effort.  This is such a fond memory that I have and I am very grateful for it.  Adding the birds around me gives me comfort, and a sense of peace.

My dining room or kitchen is aching for something so beautifully inspired as this!

Dad 1948-2010

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