Looking for Guidance

It’s a wonderful thing how the lyrics of a song can speak right to the heart.  The words can give you strength when needed, fill a void, move us forward, give us determination, and will to achieve.  That is exactly what the lyrics of this song is brilliant for doing.  Stand by Rascal Flatts serves to inspire, make the weakened fight, and to guide and move us toward victory!

During happy, difficult, sad, or any other emotion there is, there is a song to be there with me.  It’s amazing how this brilliantly written song gave me the strength when I needed it so desperately during the time when I left my husband and began moving forward into a new unknown area.  I was scared, lonely, and felt so lost.  This was the first time that I would be on my own.

I went from childhood to adulthood in a moments passing.  I was under the wings of my parents, then  I was caring for my child and married by the age of sixteen.  I was naive to what was around me.  Being sheltered and cared for was what I had always experienced.

I wanted to be an adult and I fought to be there.  I wanted to be a mother and show ultimate love and care for my child.  It was a decision that I had made without knowing its depth.  Yet it was a decision that I have always taken seriously and put my full heart and soul into doing with the absolute best ability that I could.

But now I was making decisions for my future without my husband and partner of around twenty-five years.  I was searching for the best for me.  My children were now grown and I was moving forward with my life.  I did still have my parents as always that would support my decisions, but they were careful to stay neutral.  My decisions were my own.

It was a hard walk forward with suicidal thoughts at times, with a mental illness to contain and monitor daily, and now I needed to support myself for the first time while living alone.  I within a short period of time went from a family of five to a single person living alone.  What an impulsive, ambitious, steadfast jolt forward.  But there was no turning back now.  My life depended on this and turning around was no option.

Just getting through moments, minutes, then hours was difficult.  Yet through faith, belief in myself, help from my parents, friends, counselors, doctors, I was able to break free.  Seeing life in a different perspective and less hurtful and emotionally abusive was the goal and I thank the Lord, was achieved.  Living with calmness and less anger brings so much more joy.

The fight to get to this point was a difficult one.  The people that helped me on this journey and down this windy path I am forever grateful and thankful for their love.  And for those wonderfully inspired lyrics that gave me strength and will, I will forever be filled with gratitude to the creators.

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